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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a menu?

Menus are posted in each residence hall, at the entrance to the Dining Hall or on the Locations & Menus page.

What is a Block Plan?

A block plan is a “block” of meals.  Rather than a weekly allowance, your meal “block” is the total meals you may use for the entire semester. There is no limit per day or week.

Can I change the meal plan I have selected?

Yes, meal plan changes are allowed during the first two weeks of class by visiting the Auxiliary Services Office.

Can I use my meals for guests?

No, meals on your meal plan are not redeemable for other customers. All resident meal plans include a percentage of guest passes.

Is there a price difference between the plans?

No.  All plans are the same cost.  If you wish to reduce your number of meals, you get more discretionary dollars to replace them.

Can I take food out of the Dining Room?

We do have a meal to go program. You may purchase a Green To Go box and use it to take your meal out in place of the "all you care to eat" dining in option.

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Important Info

Lost Your Meal Card?
Losing your meal card can be costly. For your protection, please visit the one card office in the Pilgrim Student Center for deactivation of the lost card and a replacement card.  There is a small fee for new cards

Dietary Requirements
Do you have particular dietary needs? No problem! Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact Kevin Moquin in the Sodexo Campus Services Office at (617) 879-2404 or

Dining Policies & Procedures
One of our main goals is to provide a pleasant, clean, comfortable and satisfying dining experience. In order to meet this goal, we ask for your assistance with the following procedures:

  • Please clear your table when you have finished dining.
  • Meals to go are available and must be placed in our Green To Go containers. A take out meal is in lieu of the traditional dining option and not to be used in addition to dining in.
  • Remember that Meal Cards are non-transferable.  Meal cards cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser.
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